How to contact Aviz Networks Support?

Contact Support

The Aviz Network Support team can be reached by

  1. Sending an email to

Submitting a Ticket

A ticket can be submitted with or without an account at the support portal

Mandatory Fields:

  • Subject

  • Issue Type (Post Deployment, Pre-Deployment, General Query, RMA)

  • Priority (Low, Normal, High, Urgent)

  • Description

Optional Fields:

  • External ID (Community Request ID or Past Case Number)

  • Hardware (Switch Model)

  • ASIC vendor (chipset)

  • Serial Number

  • Host Name

  • Attachments (Tech Support Dump, Screenshots, Logs)

For Technical Issues, we recommend the description include the following:

  • Repro steps, if the issue is reproducible

  • The sequence of events that lead to the failure state

  • Artefacts - Tech Support dump (tar.gz file), Logs, Command Outputs, Topology Diagrams etc...