Accessing System and Device Information

To access the system and device information, click System > General.

System Information

The system information table shows you the product name, version information, and technical support information for the system.

The following image shows you the system information tab:

Devices Information

The devices information table shows detailed information and properties of each connected device. For each device, the table shows the IP address, the MAC address, the platform on which the device is running, the HWSKU information, the SONiC version of the device, the PBNOS version, and the device uptime in days, hours, and minutes.

Editing Device Properties

You can edit device properties from the Devices Information table:

  1. Change the required device property value in the editable fields. Currently, you can edit the Hostname, ZTP Status, and GTP value.

  2. Click Save Changes to apply your changes.

Click the Reboot Device button, if you want to reboot the device.