Viewing Port Statistics

To view the port statistics of the connected devices from the FlowVision GUI, click Statistics > Port.

The Ports statistics page shows you the connected devices, the available ports on each device, and the counter, traffic rate, and error statistics of the ports. By default, when you select a device the statistics for all the ports in the device are displayed. If you want to get the statistics of a particular port, select the port from the list of ports.

The following image shows the port statistics page:

You can get the statistics for Counters, Traffic Rate, and Errors, each shown in a different tab.

Counters Statistics

The counter statistics show the counter for received bytes, received packets, transmitted bytes, and transmitted packets for each port.

The following image shows the counter statistics table:

Traffic Rate Statistics

The traffic rate statistics show the rate of transmission and reception in bytes for each port.

The following image shows the traffic rate statistics table:

Errors Statistics

The error statistics show the In Errors, Out Errors, In Discards, and Out Discards of each port.

The following image shows the error statistics table: