FV ESXi Host Installation


  • An ESXi Host with the below minimum requirement available for FlowVision:

    • 2 vCores

    • 4 GB RAM

    • 20 GB HDD

Deploying OVA:

  • Log in to the ESXi Host and click on 'Create/Register VM'

  • Click on 'Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file'

  • Name the VM and select the downloaded 'OVA' file

  • Choose the 'datastore' where you want to install the VM

  • Select the 'VM-Network' to ensure that the VM is reachable

  • Review the configuration and click on 'FINISH'

  • Wait for the OVA file to upload; Check the status in 'Recent tasks' at the bottom of the screen

  • 'Power on' the VM

  • Login to the VM with default credentials

    • User: aviz

    • Password: aviz@123

  • Check DHCP assigned IP on the VM with 'ip a'

  • Login to the Web-GUI at https://<VM-IP>/ with default credentials

    • User: admin

    • Password: admin