ASIC Limitations:

  • Multiple flows can not have the same network port

  • In VLAN-aware mode, VLAN is a mandatory match qualifier for the flow rule for matching tagged packets

  • Pop-VLAN is supported on flow rules which have VAN id as a qualifier

  • Flow rule VLAN qualifier is not supported in VLAN-Unaware mode

  • For VxLAN, NVIDIA supports only one source VTEP per system but supports multiple destination VTEP

  • For VxLAN, multiple VNI cannot be mapped to the same Destination VTEP

  • GTP, UDF and Generic Header Filtering configurations and rules are not supported for the NVIDIA SN2100 switch

  • Ingress-VLAN is not suported on EC-AS7326 and EC-AS7726 platforms

Software Limitations:

  • Port-Channel can not be configured as a network port

  • A Maximum of 4 active SSH sessions are supported

  • Tunnel attributes cannot be updated and will require deleting the existing tunnel and reconfiguring

  • Override qualifiers are not supported for the VxLAN feature

  • GTP rule configuration is to be done using a string (i.e. double quotes)

  • GTP global configuration must be enabled before configuring the GTP rule

  • A proper license is required before configuring a feature

SSH connection should be disconnected gracefully using the “quit” command once the usage is completed