Managing Users

To manage users from the FlowVision GUI, click System > User Management.

The User Management page shows the details of all the users of the system and their user previleges and roles. From the User Management page, you can add new users, edit user roles and permissions, de-activate a user, and delete a user.

You must have admin previleges to add, edit, or delete a user.

The following image shows the User Management page:

Adding a New User

To add a new user,

  1. Specify the Email address, Username, Password, and Role of the new user in their respective fields. The Role drop-down field has two options - Admin and Viewer. The Admin role has full access and the Viewer role has read-only access.

  2. Click Save to create the user.

Editing Existing Users

To edit an existing user,

  1. Edit the required details in the Email, Username, Password, and Role fields.

  2. Click Update User to update the user details.

De-Activating or Deleting Users

In the User Management table,

  • Click the De-Activate button to deactivate a user.

  • Click the Delete button to delete a user.