Performing Backup and Restore

To perform backup and restore from the FlowVision GUI, click System > Backup/Restore.

The Backups page shows the available backup files of the system. The details include the backup filename, the date of backup creation, the status of the backup and the option to delete a specific backup file.

The following image shows the Backups page:

Creating a New Backup

To create a new backup, click the Create Backup drop-down menu and select Create Backup.This action creates a new backup file and its status is displayed in the Backups table.

You can also have the option to selectively backup the database or the FlowVision system. To perform this selective backup,

  1. Select the backup you want to create. The available options are - Backup DB and Backup FlowVision. This is a multi-select option where you can choose either or both.

  2. Click Backup to create the selected backup.

Upgrading FlowVision

You can upgrade the FlowVision system if required. To upgrade,

  1. Select the Upgrade FlowVision checkbox.

  2. Click Upgrade to upgrade the system.

Deleting a Backup