Open Packet Broker

The OPBNOS solution is a set of containerized applications built and runs on top of the open-source SONiC NOS. Aviz's unique architecture reduces complexity and cost while providing a highly scalable, flexible and affordable solution to aggregate, filter and load balance network traffic from hardware or virtual TAPs. With this software-defined solution, you can instantly access all your network ports at line speed for visibility across your entire environment in high performance and a secure manner ideal for network security, analytics and compliance requirements.

Traditional NPB solutions rely on proprietary appliances to provide aggregation and filtering of network traffic captured via hardware TAPs, which comes with significant cost, complexity and high-touch maintenance.

By leveraging modern programmable ASICs, our solution enables a software-defined, stateless packet broker, known as a “Network TAP” to intercept, process and forward network traffic for visibility and security compliance. The captured network traffic data is then fed to the OPBNOS.

It provides line rate traffic forwarding using switching ASIC by configuring flow paths between two ports. Legacy FPGA aggregator appliances are also supported as an aggregator in this solution. By leveraging the OPBNOS solution, enterprises can easily scale up or down to meet the ever-changing demands of network visibility and security tools.

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