Front Panel Port Mapping

SONiC has Ethernet naming based on the lanes like Ethernet0, Ethernet4, Ethernet8… Ethernet252, This is not very user-friendly and the CLI Ethernet names are not mapped to the Physical front panel ports.

To avoid this and provide a better user experience, Interface Mapping Feature is implemented by exposing the Front Panel ports directly to the user and all the mapping to SONiC and ASIC is handled by OPBNOS internally.

pbnoscli# show interface npb intfmap
============    ===========
Ethernet1/1     Ethernet0
Ethernet2/1     Ethernet4
Ethernet3/1     Ethernet8
Ethernet4/1     Ethernet12
Ethernet5/1     Ethernet16
Ethernet6/1     Ethernet20
Ethernet7/1     Ethernet24
Ethernet8/1     Ethernet28
Ethernet9/1     Ethernet32
Ethernet10/1    Ethernet36
Ethernet11/1    Ethernet40
Ethernet12/1    Ethernet44
Ethernet13/1    Ethernet48
Ethernet14/1    Ethernet52
Ethernet15/1    Ethernet56
Ethernet16/1    Ethernet60
Ethernet17/1    Ethernet64
Ethernet18/1    Ethernet68
Ethernet19/1    Ethernet72
Ethernet20/1    Ethernet76
Ethernet21/1    Ethernet80
Ethernet22/1    Ethernet84
Ethernet23/1    Ethernet88
Ethernet24/1    Ethernet92
Ethernet25/1    Ethernet96
Ethernet26/1    Ethernet100
Ethernet27/1    Ethernet104
Ethernet28/1    Ethernet108
Ethernet29/1    Ethernet112
Ethernet30/1    Ethernet116
Ethernet31/1    Ethernet120
Ethernet32/1    Ethernet124