Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) enables a switch to automatically provision itself using the resources available on the network without manual intervention. ZTP is triggered only when it is force-enabled from ISCLI. When OPBNOS with ZTP enabled starts up, it locates a DHCP server which provides the switch with an IPv4 management IP address and a gateway IP address. The switch then obtains the IP address of a TFTP (or HTTP) server from which it downloads the necessary boot file. The switch then runs the boot file.

During the boot process, if the ZTP is enabled, the switch enters ZTP mode. The switch searches for available DHCP servers and requests them to acquire an interface address, a gateway address, the TFTP server address, and the boot file name. After the information from the DHCP server is obtained, ZTP downloads and runs the boot file, and then executes the ZTP process according to the boot file. ZTP automatically handles the process of upgrading the switch firmware image and installing configuration files.

ZTP handles firmware upgrades from ONIE to OPBNOS and OPBNOS to OPBNOS

  • If ZTP was force enabled and no DHCP server was found during the ZTP process, the switch will remove any management IP that may have been configured previously

  • Important ZTP events are logged by the switch and are available for display from a console

The following topics provide you with more information on Zero Touch Provisioning(ZTP)

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