Interface Transceiver Information

To get information about the Interface transceiver, use the below commands:

pbnoscli# show interface transceiver presence
Port            Presence        
------------    -----------
Ethernet1/1     Present         
Ethernet2/1     Present         
Ethernet3/1     Present         
Ethernet4/1     Not present     
Ethernet5/1     Present         
Ethernet6/1     Present         
Ethernet7/1     Present         
Ethernet8/1     Not present     
Ethernet9/1     Not present     
Ethernet10/1    Not present     
Ethernet11/1    Not present     
Ethernet12/1    Not present     
Ethernet13/1    Present         
Ethernet14/1    Present         
Ethernet62/1    Not present     
Ethernet63/1    Present         
Ethernet64/1    Present         
pbnoscli# show interface transceiver eeprom Ethernet1/1
Ethernet0: SFP EEPROM detected
        Application Advertisement: N/A
        Connector: CopperPigtail
        Encoding: Unspecified
        Extended Identifier: GBIC/SFP defined by twowire interface ID
        Extended RateSelect Compliance: Unspecified
        Identifier: SFP/SFP+/SFP28
        LengthOM3(UnitsOf10m): 0
        Nominal Bit Rate(100Mbs): 103
        Specification compliance:
                SFP+CableTechnology: Passive Cable
        Vendor Date Code(YYYY-MM-DD Lot): 2016-11-24 
        Vendor Name: Volex Inc.
        Vendor OUI: 14-1b-bd
        Vendor PN: 700512588
        Vendor Rev: A
        Vendor SN: 16CN48200200
pbnoscli# show interface transceiver lpmode Ethernet1/1
Port       Low-power Mode
---------  ----------------
Ethernet0  On

pbnoscli# show interface transceiver lpmode Ethernet3/1
Port       Low-power Mode
---------  ----------------
Ethernet8  Off