Managing Topologies

To manage connected topologies from the FlowVision GUI, click System > Topology.

The topology screen shows all the connected devices. The devices that are online are shown in green and the devices that are offline are shown in red. Hover the mouse pointer over the device icons to get more information, such as, the IP address, RAM, CPU, SSD, and so on.

The following image shows the topology of devices in the FlowVision GUI:

Configuring Device Properties in the Topology

You can change the device properties, refresh a device, or delete a device by accessing the Device Control window from the topology page.

  1. Drag the sliders to the desired point to configure the threshold values for CPU, RAM, and SSD.

  2. Click Save changes to apply your changes.

Other than changing the device properties, you can also reboot a device or delete it from the Device Controls window:

If you open the Device Controls window of a device shown in red in the topology screen, you cannot configure the device properties, as the device is not reachable. You have an option to remove the device, if need be. Click the REMOVE button to remove the device.