Using this feature setting we can set the acceptable and critical percentage level for the following device components

This page gives control over the widget refresh timer and user idle state

Users can set the manual timer to refresh all the widgets after a time interval (default is 120sec)

Users can set the timer after how many minutes of idle state the ONES-UI should be logout

Thresholds we can set for Components :

  • CPU Utilization(%)

  • Memory Utilization(%)

  • CPU Temperature(℃)

  • PSU Temperature(℃)

  • PSU Voltage(V)

  • Fan Speed(%)

  • SSD Health(%)

  • SSD Temperature(℃)

  • SSD Used Memory(%)

As per requirement, we can set different lower and higher threshold values for each component and Users can see the acceptable and critical number of devices in the Monitor Health tab view

  • Navigate to Monitor >> Platform when any component breaches the higher value


  • Navigate to Settings >> Thresholds

  • Change the values as per your requirements

  • Update it to get these new settings live, after Save Changes, all these metrics will be reflected on devices metric pages under Inventory

Application Control

Using this tab user can control the timer of all the widgets refresh and idle timers of the application

  • Navigate to Settings >> Application

  • Using this page, users can change the refresh interval in seconds for all the widget

    • In the dropdown menu, available intervals are:

      • 30 Seconds

      • 60 Seconds

      • 90 Seconds

      • 120 Seconds

  • Users can set the timeout in minutes(2-60) for the ONES-UI, by default the timeout is disabled

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