What's new?


  • New Topology Page that shows more information

  • Console Access to Device on Topology Page

ONES Telemetry

  • VXLAN Monitoring

  • MCLAG Monitoring

  • LACP Monitoring

  • RoCE traffic visibility

ONES Orchestration

  • BGP Peering over Port channels

  • L3 MC-LAG

  • Layer2 Leaf-Spine (L2/L3 Mode)

  • Leaf only Deployment

  • BGP Peering over MC-LAG PeerLink

  • BGP Peering using separate Link between MC-LAG Peers

  • Incremental Config update for L2VNI/L2VNI

  • EVPN Multihoming Enhancement

  • Backup & Restore Device Configs Enhancement

  • Fabric Manager API + SDK to Support Day2 Operations Enhancement

Rule Engine

  • Push Notification if any threshold value exceed

    • Slack Channel

    • Zendesk Ticket

  • Alerts

  • Provision to setup device

  • Entry level rules

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