VMware ONES Deployment

Download OVA Package

  • Work with Aviz Sales/Support contact to create an account on Aviz Networks Support Portal

  • Login to https://support.aviznetworks.com with your account credentials

  • Click on the Downloads section, under ONES, and click to download ONES Release 2.1

VM Compatibility

ONES-2.1.0 OVA support below Versions of VMware Family

Import OVA to ESXI Server

  • Login to ESXI >> Create / Register VM

  • Choose Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file >> NEXT

  • Give it a Valid Name >> Click to select Files or drag/drop (upload from the download folder)

  • Choose the downloaded OVA package >> NEXT

  • Choose preferred storage to run ONES-2.1.0 VM >> NEXT

  • Choose a Network Adapter to provide DHCP IP to ONES App (Management interface/Eth0) >> NEXT

  • Verify all the inputs >> FINISH

After the OVA upload to ESXi is complete and the status indicates "Successful," the user will then be able to use ONESVM.

  • ONES is Ready to use >> Power On the ONES VM

Credentials to access ONES OVA VM

Once logging into the server CLI using below credentials, please continue with the next steps that is Ones Agent Installation

Username: aviz
Password: Aviz@123

Expand HDD

Expanding the HDD
python3 vm-hdd-expand.py

vCPU & RAM can be expended without any dependency

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