User Management


Using this feature to

  • Create new users and roles

  • Remove and suspend existing user one by one

  • Remove and suspend multiple users at the same time

  • Password reset of existing users

Only super admin or Enterprise admin can perform these actions


  • Navigate to User Management >> Accounts >> Users

  • Initially, we get one default Admin User Credential

  • In this view, we get the User status and Role given to it and the Last login time by the user.

  • On this User tab, we can Add new users and can remove or suspend any existing users

Users - Add New

  • Navigate to Accounts >> Users >> Add

  • Admin can add

    • Profile picture

    • Username

    • Password

      • Password should contain:-

        Minimum Password Length - 8 characters

        Maximum Password Length - 24 characters

        Character Support - Alpha Numeric

        Special Characters - (# @ $ ! & % only)

        Character Rule - At least one Upper Case and one special character

    • First and Last Name

    • Role

  • Enter all the required details

  • Click Save

"on the first login by the user with given details, ONES application prompt with a screen to rest the password

  • Now User is ready to login with valid credentials

Users - Reset Password

  • Navigate to Accounts >> Users >> Edit User >> Reset Password >> Yes

  • Using Admin credentials you can reset the user password

  • Click on Reset Password

  • Submit & Save

  • After this user can try login with the temporary password, on the first login, ONES application actively asks to change the password

Users - Suspend User

  • Navigate to Accounts >> Users >> ((Select Users you want to remove)) >> remove >> Yes

  • We can remove multiple users at a time

  • After this, the user will be removed from the database and cannot use credentials to login again

Users - Suspend User

  • Instead of removing any user, we can also suspend the user

  • Once we suspend a user it will not be removed from the database but it will be in an Inactive state in the database

  • Later if we need we can restore the user to its active state

  • Navigate to Accounts >> Users >> ((Select Users you want to suspend)) >> Suspend >> Yes

  • Choose users & click on Suspend

Users - Restore User

  • Navigate to Accounts >> Users >> ((Select Users you want to restore)) >> Restore >> Yes


  • Navigate to Account >> Roles

  • By default, the device comes with these 4 Roles

    • Super Admin

    • Enterprise Admin

    • Enterprise Staff

    • Vendor Staff

  • As per the new user access requirement, we can assign limited access to user roles

Roles - Add User Roles

  • Navigate to Accounts >> Roles

  • Now let's add few permissions

    • Add/Remove Devices

    • Reboot Device

After giving permissions, the user can be added to this role in the user section.

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