ONES Supportability


Network Assurance helps the NetOps team validate policy and security compliance checks before making a change in network configuration, an intelligent set of proactive and predictive techniques that validate the Network for readiness without error, conflicts, and disruptions

ONES Assurance module allows you to measure key metrics on-demand so you can deliver SLAs of five-nines (99.999% availability) for your network.

ONES is backed by the Aviz support team located across 4 time zones so you can avail of 24x7 SONiC expertise for any version running on any Switch with any ASIC

  • Collaborate with our SONiC experts to expedite your evaluations

  • Speed up your SONiC troubleshooting SLAs to as low as 15 minutes regardless of the underlying Switch/ASIC platform

  • Minimize operational delays by centralizing issues across multiple platforms

Refer to the "How do I reach Aviz Networks Support?" section of this document for more details

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