User can onboard all the devices on the application and can get a complete view of all the populated tables

Agent-Based devices will automatically added using the auto discovery feature

Agent-Less devices needs to be added using this inventory page

  • The Inventory tab has the below-mentioned features:

    • Syslog: Using this tab user can easily access all the syslogs and can find out the more relative logs directly in case of some failure of any process or any other module of device

    • Custom OS upgrade: Upgrade the device OS with any customised image. You need to provide the correct path to ensure the OS is updated successfully

    • OS upgrade via ZTP: Upgrade the device OS via Zero-touch provisioning

    • Reboot devices: Reboot the device from a single click in the UI

    • Add devices from the dashboard: The User can onboard the non-sonic devices using the YAML file upload or via the in-built editor in the UI

    • Remove devices from the dashboard: The user can remove the auto-discovered(Agent based) and non-sonic devices

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