Adding New Controller

ONES Agent configuration file allows user to add new collector(controller) after the agent installation if required


If a customer desires to receive the same agent telemetry on a different ONES collector, there's no need to reinstall the agent on the device. Instead, the user can effortlessly add the new collector's IP to the device's agent.conf file after installing ONES on the other server. This action will automatically register and initiate streaming to the new ONES application

Only 2 controllers are supported in auto-discovery

Note: Terms "collector" and "controller" are used interchangeably; they have the same meaning.

Steps to add new Controller-IP

  1. SSH to the device first

  2. Navigate to /etc/sonic/

    admin@Spine-2:~$ cd /etc/sonic/
  3. Edit agent.conf file and add collector ip

    admin@Spine-2:/etc/sonic$ sudo vi agent.conf
    # Configuration file for agent gnmi
    # Any edits require restart of the agent
    # Mode - can be Tls/NoTls
    mode = NoTls
    #restrict_collector_ip = Yes/No
    #Setting this to yes means that only the IP address mentioned under collectorip
    #will be allowed to connect to the agent. No sets off this behavior
    restrict_collector_ip = No
    #layer of the switch Eg - Superspine/ Leaf/ Spine/ ToR
    layer = Spine
    #region of the switch Eg - Denver
    region = Sj
    #ip of the switch Eg -
    agentip =
    #ip of the collector Eg -
    collectorip =,
    #azid of the switch Eg - 1
    azid = 1
    #brickid of the switch Eg - 1
    brickid = 1
    #rackid of the switch Eg - 1
  4. Restart ONES-Agent Docker

    admin@Spine-2:/etc/sonic$ docker restart ones-agent

After restarting Docker, it will automatically register with the new ONES-Application

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