Adding Devices

  • Agent-based devices auto-discover the ONES-App and get registered automatically on ONES Inventory page

  • To Onboard the Agent-Less devices user need to add manualy

    • Navigate to Inventory

  • This page gives the control to onboard the devices with two options

    • Add/Remove Devices using the YAML Editor

    • Upload the YAML file containing the device list

  • Click on Add/Remove Devices

  • Upload Device Inventory using YAML Editor

  • Navigate to Inventory >> Devices >> Add/Remove Devices

  • Use the below format to add devices to the application

  - switchName: "SN2100-Spine"
    layer: "Spine"
    ipAddress: ""
    region: "SJC"
    azId: 1
    brickId: 1
    rackId: null
    user: "admin"
    password: "YourPaSsWoRd"
  • Make sure to use the correct indentation for the YAML files

  • Make sure the Switch Name matches to Hostname of the switch

  • Click Save & Apply

  • ONES Application is now ready to manage the added devices

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