What's new?


  • Flexibility to choose SVI / Static Anycast Gateway as the Gateway for VLANs for hosts on the DUTs where VTEPs are configured

  • SVI Config added for Host Facing Ports for IPCLOS where Vlan is added under Host Properties.

  • "Host Logs" - New button added under Configuration Page, where user can view the Orchestrated configuration for selected Device and host port Logs.


  • Traffic Widget

    • PPS in/out, BPS in/out, packet in/out, errors in/out, discards in/out

    • unicast queue drops, BW utilisation

    • Time-scale graph support per interface

  • Topology visualisation for 500 devices

  • Configurable application setting

  • Interface down transition with time scale

  • Cumulus & Arista platform telemetry support

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