ONES Web GUI Administration

ONES User Interface - Features

  • Deep Telemetry for ASIC and Switch Hardware

  • Device Inventory details on

    • Network Operating System (NOS)

    • Firmware versions - ONIE, BIOS, and CPLD

    • Hardware SKU, Model, ASIC, and Serial Number

    • Platform Components – Fan, PSU, Sensors

    • Link/Interface Health – Speed, Connectivity, Transceivers/Cables

  • Inventory Operations

    • Adding/Removing devices using YAML

    • Agent Status Monitoring

  • Device Monitoring

    • Device Up/Down State based on Agent and Agent-less

    • Region and Zone Mapping

    • Device Roles – Access, Leaf-Spine, Super-Spine

  • Network Compliance with version checks on

    • Telemetry Agent

    • Orchestrator Agent

    • ONIE, NOS, and Linux Distros versions

  • Resource Trends

    • CPU and Memory Utilization

    • PSU and Fan Readings

    • ASIC Capacity for Routes and ACLs

    • Software and Kernel Route capacity

    • Packet Counters – IN/OUT, Errors/Discards

  • Topology View

    • Device Connectivity view across Roles and Location

    • Link/Connectivity Status

  • Routing Protocol

    • BGP Neighbors

    • Advertised and Received Prefixes

    • Local AS Number

  • Orchestrator Use Cases

    • YAML-based Configuration push

    • Image Management via ZTP

    • BGP Numbered and Unnumbered Configuration

    • NTP, SNMP, and SYSLOG Configuration

  • Licensing

    • Application License

    • Telemetry Agent License

    • Orchestrator Agent License

  • User Management

    • Add/Edit/Delete User

    • Role Management

  • API Access for configurations originating from External Orchestration Tools

ONES allows users to leverage pre-defined templates, and customize them for Ports, IPv4/IPv6 Routes, BGP-Unnumbered, and Switch Services (NTP, SNMP, SYSLOG, ZTP, etc.) functions

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