ONES Security

ONES is a support application for SONiC stack. It is designed for customer's engineering team such as SRE’s, HW and SW engineering teams for their daily network diagnosis and troubleshooting needs. In addition to that ONES exposes the API to integrate with external tools or customer homegrown applications.

This section describes how ONES authenticates users and secures communication.

RBAC: Role-Based Access Control

Secure Access to the Application

ONES application provides HTTPs over standard port 443 supporting both self-signed and CA signed certificates.

  • HTTPS Support CA Signed

  • HTTPS Self Signed

Secure Access to the switch*

ONES utilizes gRPC infrastructure to communicate with switch agents. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the primary security protocol used by gRPC to secure communication between the client and the server. TLS provides authentication, confidentiality, and integrity of data. Authentication is achieved using digital certificates, which verify the identity of the client and the server.

API Access

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