Download ONES Package

User can download the Latest version of ONES on Support Portal.

Please refer to the link for downloading latest version of ONES Application

NOTE: You are required to sign-up on for getting access to the download page.

  • Work with Aviz Sales/Support contact to create an account on Aviz Networks Support Portal

  • Login to with your account credentials

  • Click on the Downloads section, under ONES, click to download ONES Release 2.1

    • File to install on Ubuntu

      • ONES 2.1 Installation package

    • File to install on VMware, ESXI, vSphere, and vCenter setup

      • ONES 2.1 OVA

    • File to install on Hypervisor, KVM, LibVirt Manager

      • ONES 2.1 QCOW2

To install ONES Package on Ubuntu or Linux

  • Copy ONES Release 2.1 package (tar.gz.bz2) to ONES Application machine

  • Follow the next page to execute a successful installation

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