Open Networking Enterprise Suite (ONES)

Introduction and Overview

Open Networking Enterprise Suite (ONES) is a Network Orchestration, Visibility, and Assurance solution for multi-vendor and multi-NOS operated Network Infrastructure. ONES provides a one-stop solution from delivering deep visibility into your datacenter networks to extending 24x7 support functions for SONiC. It also hosts a powerful analytics engine that assists users to identify network issues and troubleshoot their networks, in case of common network anomalies and disruptions.

ONES uses Auto-discovery for SONiC devices and a YAML or CSV-based template for adding non-SONiC devices during the onboarding process and continuously collects streaming telemetry data from them to provide insights on;

  • Data Center Inventory

  • Network State

  • Platform and System Health

  • Control and Data Plane resource Utilisation

  • Traffic Utilisation

  • Software Compliance

ONES monitors various control and data plane metrics to provide these insights.

Rule Engine

ONESv2.0 application has the capability to trigger notifications via Slack app notifications when certain user-defined threshold values are breached.

In data centre operations, a rule engine with alerts for various metrics is essential for proactive monitoring and management of critical components and services. Rule Engine pushes the configured rule notification in case any device breaches the threshold value configured under the rule to SLACK Channel & Zendesk Support page.

Let's see the different types of rule engine alerts for specific metrics in a data centre environment

  1. CPU and Memory Utilisation

  2. Fan and PSU LED status

  3. Traffic Bandwidth

  4. ASIC Routes

  5. Health Services

  6. Traffic Errors and Discard Counters

Rule Engine Alerts

  • List rule-wise alerts (with Last seen, First Seen)

  • Option to filter Device level, Interface level alerts

  • Option to delete or Archive Alerts

  • Zendesk Ticket ID amped to the alert and URL link to the relevant time series graph

ONES Orchestration

ONES orchestration provide network admins to automate the fabric configuration using configuration templates for provisioning physical interfaces, layer 3 configuration for building IP-CLOS fabric using

  • BGP as a routing protocol including BGP-unnumbered

  • Symmetric/Asymmetric IRB

  • BGP Peering with PO

  • L2/L3 MC-LAG

  • EVPN MultiHoming

  • Layer2 Leaf-Spine (L2/L3 Mode)

  • Leaf only Deployment

  • BGP Peering over MC-LAG PeerLink

  • BGP Peering using separate Link between MC-LAG Peers


  • DHCP Relay

  • SAG / SVI


  • Incremental Config update for L2VNI/L3VNI

  • Enhanced backup and restore options via UI

  • Enhanced API support - configuration replace

ONES orchestration not only configures the fabric but also make sure the Fabric is operational by doing verifying the configuration at every stage.

ONES provides north bound API access for configurations originating from external orchestration tools.

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