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The dashboard provides the NetOps with an overview of the data centre. It contains the entire hardware inventory of the network and shows the status whether these switches are streaming or not streaming.

  • After the Installation of ONES Application for the first time, the Dashboard is empty and Devices need to be onboarded for them to reflect

  • Dashboard will be used to

    • monitor the status of an agent running on all the devices present

    • Device Roles and associated Regions and

    • Details of Switch Hardware SKU and ASICs


  • Navigate to Dashboard >> Components


  • Navigate to Dashboard >> Software


  • Navigate to Dashboard >> Interfaces

  • Using this page a user gets the status of

    • the cables utilized in the network

    • how many pairs of cable can be used for future topology (helps the admins in capacity planning)

    • interface to identify if any power failure is happening over the interface

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