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The dashboard provides the NetOps with an overview of the data centre. It contains the entire hardware inventory of the network and shows the status whether these switches are streaming or not streaming.



Status of Switch

  • Not Streaming: The device is Inactive/Unreachable

  • Streaming: The device is in a Working state

  • Non-Licensed: The device is added out of licensed devices


Status of Regions, their Location and Device Mappings

Switch SKUs

Switch Hardware Vendor, Model Number and SKU


ASIC Vendor, Model and Hardware version details


Device Roles in Customer Environment

  • Super-Spine

  • Spine

  • Leaf

  • ToR

  • After the Installation of ONES Application for the first time, the Dashboard is empty and Devices need to be onboarded for them to reflect

  • Dashboard will be used to

    • monitor the status of an agent running on all the devices present

    • Device Roles and associated Regions and

    • Details of Switch Hardware SKU and ASICs


  • Navigate to Dashboard >> Components



Shows the list of

  • all faulty Power Supplies across managed switches

  • LED status of managed switches


Show the list of

  • all faulty fans across managed switches

  • airflow direction of faulty fans for troubleshooting

Transceivers Temperature

Temperature readings and alerts for Optics

Transceivers Voltage

Voltage readings and alerts for Optics


  • Navigate to Dashboard >> Software


Telemetry Agent version

  • version across all managed switches

  • distribution of Agent-based vs Agent-less switches

  • Device Status (Up/Down) based on Distro

Orchestrator Agent version

  • version across all managed switches

  • Agent Health - Up and Down

Network OS

  • NOS status and version across all managed switches

  • Distribution based on NOS versions

  • Device Status (Up/Down) based on NOS versions

Linux Distro

  • version across all managed switches

  • Distribution based on Linux Distros

  • Devices Status (Up/Down) based on Linux Distro


  • Navigate to Dashboard >> Interfaces



  • Total number of ports available across devices

  • Status of Up interfaces across devices

  • Unused interfaces across the devices


  • Total number of cables used across devices

  • Cable type used across device

    • Fiber

    • Copper

  • Count of cables required for unused ports

Interface Down

  • Information on Down Interfaces

  • Agent Status of a Device for a Down

  • Interface Historical Flaps starting with 5, 15, 30 minutes and 1 hours interval

  • Provides two types of Status:

    • Device Name with interface details

    • At what time the interface went down

  • Using this page a user gets the status of

    • the cables utilized in the network

    • how many pairs of cable can be used for future topology (helps the admins in capacity planning)

    • interface to identify if any power failure is happening over the interface

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