Rule Engine


In data centre operations, a rule engine with alerts for various metrics is essential for proactive monitoring and management of critical components and services. Let's see the different types of rule engine alerts for specific metrics in a data centre environment

  1. CPU and Memory Alerts

  2. Fan and Power Supply Unit Alerts

  3. Traffic Bandwidth

  4. ASIC IPv4 & IPv6 Routes

  5. BGP Neighbour Alerts

  6. Health Services

  7. Device Down Alerts

  8. SSD Health, temperature and memory usage alert

  9. Device Queue counters

  10. PFC counters

  11. Traffic Errors and Discard Counters

  12. frr and syncd services CPU utilization status

Push Notification

Rule Engine pushes the configured rule notification in case any device breaches the threshold value configured under the rule to

  1. Slack channel

  2. Zendesk Support ticket

To use Rule Engine feature User needs to setup first Slack channel integration or Zendesk Support integration

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