ONES Telemetry Collector(s) and Visibility


ONES Telemetry Collector(s) and Analytics bring truly unparalleled visibility across all your switches running SONiC (both community and vendor distros), regardless of the underlying ASIC. ONES front end (UI), will enable network admins to;

  • Manage inventory of your network devices running SONiC on Broadcom, Cisco, Marvell, and Nvidia ASICs

  • View the topology of the entire fabric across multiple hardware platforms, and network operating systems

  • Monitor traffic, system health, bandwidth utilization, & more

Topology is the new default page for ONES application

  • This page shows Underlay, Overlay, RoCE telemetry view & other Advance Filtering view

  • The same Topology page allows a user to connect to the device SSH and Console

  • Enhanced Traffic Page shares the PFC enabled Interfaces

  • Protocol page shows new metrics of VXLAN, LACP details and MCLAG information

  • Track Switch CPU/memory consumption, bandwidth, link failures, traffic errors, and more in real-time

  • Proactively identify and resolve issues that may lead to network downtime

  • Instantly connect to individual devices for maintenance and troubleshooting

Inventory Page

  • Syslog extraction for device, Console access, Add/Remove Non-SONiC devices via YAML or CSV, export or download inventory

  • Firmware information is added in Device details section

ONESv2.0 offer different licensing modes

  • ONES-T (Default License mode)

    • Telemetry Visibility (Monitor, inventory, analytics)

    • Add/remove Non-SONiC devices via YAML or CSV

    • Support (Aviz Zendesk)- Ability to open a ticket with inventory dump

    • Syslog access, Console/SSH access for device

  • ONES-NetOps / ONES-ALL

    • ONES-T

    • Orchestration

    • Rule Engine and integrations with Zendesk and Slack for alerts

    • Network SLA (API based support)

    • ZTP/Custom Image upgrade, backup/restore and reboot of the device

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