Installing ONES Application

ONES Application system - Installation Steps

  • Enable super-user mode

user@ones-application:~$ sudo su

  • Extract the contents of the downloaded ONES Installer tar.gz file to this folder

root@ones-application:~$ tar -xvzf ONES-GA.tar.gz

  • Go to GA folder on the ONES application server

root@ones-application:~$ cd GA

  • Run to Install the ONES Application function

root@ones-application:~/GA$ ./

Installing ONES application...
Enter the license key. If you don't have one, a trial license that supports up to 8 
devices is selected. Just press Enter to continue. 
License Key [c9f0f895fb98ab9159f51fd0297e236d]:


  1. By default, the installer has license for 8 devices

  2. Hitting ENTER without entering a license will activate the ONES application to support a maximum of 8 devices

  3. User can provide license key provided by Aviz to activate more device

  • Enter ONES application (Host Server) IP for Web GUI Access

Enter the host server ip
Server IP:

NOTE: The system might have multiple IP addresses, so a user needs to enter one of the IP that he wants to use to access the ONES Application dashboard

  • Installation begins

Loading docker images.. 
Loading Collector.. 
Loaded image: avizdock/ones-collector:v1.0.0 
Loading DB.. 
Loaded image: avizdock/timescaledb:latest 
Loaded image: avizdock/postgres:14 
Loading UI.. 
Loaded image: avizdock/ones-ui:v1.0.0 
Loading Gateway.. 
Loaded image: avizdock/ones-gateway:latest 
Loading FM.. 
Loaded image: avizdock/ones-fm:v1.0.0 
Loaded image: avizdock/docker:latest 
Creating default user accounts Aviz S3 Apps tables [AccessToken,ACL,RoleMapping,S3Role,S3User,S3Acl,S3RoleAclMapping,Setting,S3ComponentAcl,S3RoleComponentAclMapping,RedundancySetting] created in postgresql 
Total roles created: 1 
Total s3acl created: 5 
Total s3Componentacl created: 9 
Total settings created: 3 
User created!! Email: undefined 
Adding license.. 
Installed ONES application successfully. 
Open browser at http://<host-ip-address>:3002
  • Access ONES Application Web GUI from a supported browser using http://<host-ip-address:3002

  • Use Default credentials as below;

    • Username: superadmin

    • Password : Admin@123

  • Update/Change your password on the first login

Password should contain:-

Minimum Password Length - 8 characters

Maximum Password Length - 24 characters

Character Support - Alpha Numeric

Special Characters - (# @ $ ! & % only)

Character Rule - At least one Upper Case and one special character

  • You will see the default Dashboard → Hardware view now

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