ONES Orchestration

Why do we need Network Orchestration?

Orchestration refers to tasks or actions required to achieve a set of objectives for your Network Infrastructure operations

A centralized application like ONES translates these objectives into a network configuration template, applies and monitors to validate the operational efficiency and functionality

Automated tasks are performed on your Network Fabric in a purposeful order and each step is verified for success before moving to the next

ONES Orchestration - Overview

ONES Orchestration function on the application lets you compose, deploy, and validate network configurations across any SONiC, be it a Community version or a Vendor distro.

As part of the initial release, ONES Orchestration supports to

  • Create and configure CLOS topology for ToR, Leaf, Spine, and Super-Spine layers

  • Apply and validate configurations pre- and post-deployment

  • Compare running configs against applied configs at any point

  • Upgrade devices with a single click via ZTP or custom NOS images

  • Yaml-based config for VXLAN, MCLAG, BGP IP CLOS & EVPN(L2VPN)

  • Automate Configuration of interfaces, layer 3 interfaces, BGP-unnumbered and Common Services like NTP, SNMP, SYSLOG etc.

ONES Orchestration use cases are configured using a set of pre-defined YAML-based templates on ONES Web User Interface

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