Supported Switch Platforms and NOS

Supported Matrix

Cumulus & Arista platforms are considered by ONES as Agent-less and supports metrics available using NVUE and eOS APIs

Agent-based vs Agent-less

SONiC-based switches require ONES Agents (Agent-based) to be installed on the switch being monitored, as a pre-requisite for ONES Telemetry and Orchestrator based functions to work.

  • ONES Telemetry Agent

  • ONES Orchestrator Agent

Proprietary NOS like Arista EOS, Cumulus, and Cisco NX-OS does not require an ONES Agent and instead leverage OpenConfig (Agent-less) feature. OpenConfig extends APIs that provide Network Telemetry information about the resources being monitored via gNMI (gRPC Network Management Interface) protocol to the ONES Application

ONES does not support Orchestrator-based functions on Proprietary NOS (non-SONiC).

Agent requirements

  • SSH access

  • SONiC versions beyond 202012 or 202111 are supported

  • Only x86 intel-based architectures are supported

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