Aviz Service Node

Aviz Service Node (ASN) offers a cost-effective way to network visibility, application identification, and extract HTTP metadata & DNS information. By using general-purpose hardware, ASN avoids vendor lock-in reducing cost. ASN boast features like high-performance packet processing, data filtering and extraction, and real-time monitoring for in-depth network analysis. ASN can be deployed in large clusters for scalability and redundancy, making it a suitable solution for enhancing network performance in modern infrastructures.

5G Deployments

ASN extracts essential metadata from 4G-LTE, 5G-NSA, and 5G-SA networks, offering deep visibility across all types. It specializes in correlating data using protocols like:

  • S11 (GTP-C), S1-U (GTP-U) for LTE/5G-NSA

  • N4 (PFCP), N3 (GTP-U) enhanced with N11 (SBI-HTTP2) correlations

5G-C Correlation

ASN can correlate GTP-C/U for in-depth 4G/5G network analysis. It extracts detailed metadata from the control plane (N11) and user plane (N3 GTP-U), including user equipment information, traffic details, and key performance indicators.

Mobile Handover

ASN excels at managing mobile handovers in 4G and 5G networks, Maintaining seamless continuous connectivity and optimal network performance for users in motion. It can handle various handover scenarios, such as transitions between gNodeB (5G base station) and eNodeB (4G base station) or handovers involving the AMF (Access and Mobility Function) in 5G-SA networks.

Application Identification

ASN utilizes Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to identify over 500 applications at high speeds. It employs techniques like pattern recognition, SNI matching, IP geolocation, and port analysis to extract application data directly from network traffic. This rich data includes user agent information, IP details, and critical network performance metrics like bandwidth usage, packet loss, and latency.

Management and High Availability

FlowVision is the central control for Aviz's network visibility solution, including ASN & OPBNOS . It provides a unified interface (GUI and APIs) to manage ASN functionalities like data filtering, extraction, and export.

FlowVision also offers real-time insights:

  • ASN health

  • Network traffic utilization, and

  • logs for troubleshooting.

Additionally, ASN's built-in High Availability module ensures redundancy for both small and large deployments.

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