What's New?

Release 2.3.0

  • MCLAG with Layer2

  • MCLAG with Layer3


  • IPv6 prefix route(4K, 64K, 128K) Scalability

  • BGP Dual Stack (64K and 128K) Scalability

  • Core file detection during test execution

Release 2.2.0 (10/5/2023)

  • ECMP Scalability

  • BGP Dual Stack Scalability

  • BGP Graceful Restart

  • New BGP netops usecases

  • Dynamic Port Breakout

  • Support for chaos on routed ports (no port channel configuration)

  • Support for chaos on routed port-channel

  • Debuggability enhancements

    • Syslog capture for all devices for the testcase duration

    • Techsupport dump for in case of test failure

    • Printing DOM information if ports fail to come up

    • Easier identification of Ixia sessions by appending test id to session name

Release 2.1.0 (7/7/2023)

  • Scalability enhancements:

    • Replaced the cases with fixed values by the variant of supported range test cases.

    • Parametrized scale value to the maximum supported range .(example: scale_val = 64/128/256/512 )

  • BGP Netops coverage:

    • eBGP multi-AS config, adjacency, route convergence and data path using router interface

    • eBGP Multi-AS Route Convergence and data path using loopback

    • BGP Node Drain - Add route map to remove and restore SPINE nodes 1 and 2 using the Community list

    • Test Link drain - Apply for Route-Map permit and for IPv6 Traffic/Prefixes and prefix lists

    • Node drain: with IPv6 Traffic, Test Node Drain (Spine 1 and Spine 2) for IPv6 Traffic/Prefixes

  • Debuggability enhancements:

    • Added device status data before and after test cases and added log messages.

    • Added FTAS version display in final report log.

  • Platform-specific suite files:

    • Added suite files for Wistron, Nvidia and EC

  • eBay specific suite files:

    • Added suite files for EC4630, EdgeCore AS-97xx

  • Platform/Version compatibility check:

    • Parameterized variables were added to validate the topology file and supported sonic version.

  • Support for auto cleanup before the test run:

    • Using this variable devices can be cleaned up forcefully before the test run.

    • Cleans up the ACL, routes, ipv4 interfaces, VLANs, port-channel configurations if any on the devices and brings down all the ports before the test run starts.

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